Thursday, November 3, 2016

Cultural People's Survival in the Modern World

Cloconda Corello was the first presenter her topic:  “Networks of care: Buddhist Environmental Education in Thailand. Small Buddhist communities in Thailand incorporate sustainability using indigenous faith that makes a citizen that take care of human and non- human. On small farms they will combine nature and work activity to actualize a socially driven friendship of interconnectedness. She worked on a farm on the outskirts of Bangkok that focused on dhammajati. Dhammajati is using the way of nature to reap the spiritual benefits of living, seeking the help of the entire system. She talked about the markets where the vendors share information on what the community needs.
Armando Muyolema,  Andean,  the second presenter his topic was, “Institutions and Human Behavior, Perceptions and Attitudes”. The presentation was about the preservation of the Quechua language and the survival of the Andean world. He spoke about indigenous people’s right to indigenous language and knowledge in the education system. Muyolema gave several examples of how the Ecuadorian government suppressed the indigenous language focusing on using “Castellanizacion”, the only language used in schools. He talked about the Quechua language and knowledge of the indigenous people not being used when teaching students. He showed photos of the schools remarking many are very modern and nice but do not allow the students to be indigenous. 

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