Friday, July 27, 2018

Indigenous Planning Summer Institute

June 13, 2018

Written by: Marissa Vele

We started off the Indigenous Planning Summer Institute (IPSI) on June 4, at Whispering Pines. This is were all interns and others involved with our projects got together to kick off the summer. We began the morning by having Luke Besaw give a prayer on the shores of the traditional wild ricing grounds of the Menominee. After the prayer, Gary Besaw spoke to our group and reminded all of us to, “do things in a good way”. That is an important message to think about as we all go our separate ways this summer as we work on our projects.

The projects we are working on will impact and reflect our community and those around it, so we must try to do things in a good way. Throughout the week, we were able to listen to a variety of speakers that talked about topics ranging from indigenous planning to plants in the forest. We were also able to visit Stockbridge Munsee  to see their gardens and museum, as well as taking a trip into the Menominee Forest. It was a great week long experience to get to know the fellow interns and their projects better. I am excited to see what the summer will bring!

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